*oats with berries & homemade yogurt  8

*egg, cheddar and tomato on brioche  7

*stratta with fresh vegetables & herbs 9


*egg salad with capers on multi~grain  7

*hummus, tomato and cucumber sandwich 7

tuna salad with red onions, celery and dijon mayo  8

*cold, sliced grilled chicken breast sandwich  9

jack dog ~ hofman's german frank with homemade kraut 6

chili & frank ~ same dog with a cup of chili, no kraut  7

gas station burger ~ iron skillet, 1/3 # burger, american cheese, lettuce, tomato & onion  9

*wild caught sockeye fillet with homemade thai mango & pepper jam and field greens  16

fresh lemonade & brewed iced tea  3

*fresh, local and organic   daily additions, occasional deletions